Hey, I'm Sam.

I've done a lot of things, but I still have no idea what I'm doing. I think I'm technically a marketer, but I also had an affair with entrepreneurship. I think by now I've had like 15 quarter life crises. I'm starting to wonder if they're really crises or just part of life. I like to think I've worn a lot of hats throughout my "career". Figuratively, that is. I'm not a hat person in real life, except for my adventure hat.

Speaking of adventures, I love them. I like to think I have a gypsy soul. But maybe not, maybe I just like to travel. I'm not much of a gypsy, honestly. One of my life goals is to reach Diamond Medallion status on Delta though. But I don't think that's a very gypsy thing to say.

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Other things I like: chocolate, puppies, champagne, chocolate chip cookies, sunsets, beaches, Harry Potter (#always), online shopping, dashes, using the word literally incorrectly. The usual. I'm really bad at being an adult, although I try really hard. I can cook, sometimes. Sometimes I end up setting the oven on fire.

I'm from the midwest originally and just moved back to Chicago, but chances are I'm seeking warmth elsewhere. If you need a place to stay in Chicago lmk, my room is most likely empty.