Because The World Needs Another Blogger

Because The World Needs Another Blogger

I can already see the world rolling their eyes. ANOTHER blogger? Greaaat, just what the world needs

I know, I know. It’s SO cliche. But, I promise it’s not about you, it’s about me. I have a lot of thoughts. And feelings. And things to say in general. You see, I’ve gone through a lot of ish in my life. And, it was really hard. And, a lot of the time, I felt really, really alone. And that sucked, especially because I know there’s no way I was alone in those feelings.

And, I’ve also had some really amazing moments. I’ve chased waterfalls in Bali, surfed in Australia, hiked in New Zealand, touched glaciers in Alaska and swam with whales in the Philippines. I’ve seen sunrises so beautiful that I’ve wanted to cry and sunsets so colorful I couldn’t help but jump up and down.

Regardless of the good and the bad, I always felt like I had to mask my feelings with a “filtered” version of life. A version of life that only shows strength and doesn’t mention all the things that built that strength (cue quote about diamonds being built under pressure). I felt that the only way to be was perfect, because everyone else was perfect. Well, I’ve realized I was wrong. Turns out, other people have struggles too. Who knew?

So, I’ve started this blog so I could write down my feelings and experiences, the good and the bad. And I hope that, one day, I’ll write something that you can relate to and we can be imperfect together. Honestly, life is more fun without a filter anyways.