2018 Travel Bucketlist

2018 Travel Bucketlist

It’s that time of year again - time to start making resolutions that you’ll probably forget about in a month and a half. Each year I promise myself I’m going to do better, eat healthier, work out more, spend less, etc, etc. And, each year, I forget sometime in mid-February. The one thing I am good at though, is traveling. So here’s a list of the 12 places I hope to visit/do in 2018.

1) Park City, Utah

Okay, so I kind of cheated with this one because I rang in the New Year in Park City, but it’s an absolutely amazing city. In my opinion, Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the US and I was thrilled to start the new year here.


I love visiting Australia. Partially because two of my best friends live here, but also because it’s an amazing country. The endless beaches are stunning and the laid back culture was exactly what I needed to kick off the year. This time, I’ll be visiting Melbourne and Wilsons Promontory National Park and I couldn’t be more excited.

3) French Seychelles

This is a destination that has been on my list since I took French I in high school. The Seychelles are supposed to be stunning and due to global warming, might not be around much longer. I plan to cross a few destinations in Africa off my list, and the Seychelles are definitely one of them.

4) Capetown, South Africa

Capetown has been on my list for as long as I can remember. There are beaches, wineries and PENGUINS. This is a must-visit for me this summer.

5) Maine, USA

I’ve never been to Maine, but as I’m living on the East Coast, I would really like to check it out. Maybe I’ll eat some Maine Lobster this summer?

6) Safari in Tanzania or Kenya

What’s a visit to Africa without a safari? I’ll be planning a safari trip for May and would love to hear your suggestions!

7) See the northern lights

This could overlap with number five, but I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights. Whether I pop on out to Norway or just head north, I really want to check this off this year.

8) Paris, France

In addition to my Africa trip, I also hope to do a eurotrip this summer with my niece. The city of lights is a dream for every 16 year old (and 27 year old if I’m being honest), so I’m sure you’ll see a Parisian picnic photo in my feed sometime this summer.

9) Rome, Italy

Rome is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. The food, the history, the culture - and did I mention the food? I’m counting down the days until I’m eating gelato and pasta in Italy again.

10) London, UK

I know, I was just in London. But, I’d like to go back! London is such an amazing history, with so much to explore. I really want to visit again this summer. Plus, I still need to visit Diagon Alley.

11) Nepal

This is a place I’ve heard so many amazing things about. The natural beauty is absolutely stunning and I’ve heard the people are extremely kind. I’m hoping to pay a visit here at the end of the year.

12) Madagascar

Another destination on my Africa bucketlist. I think there is so much to see in Madagascar and I hope to check it out while I’m visiting Africa this summer!

What are your travel goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments!