Bites at Borough Market

Bites at Borough Market

One of the first things I did when I got to London was visit Borough Market. I had heard delicious stories of all the treats you could find, and I was hungry and ready to dive in. I can honestly say, it did not disappoint. Among the many stalls, I found my four main food groups: chocolate, wine, cheese and truffles.

The first thing I wanted to try was some hot chocolate. It was a chilly December day and I knew that a good cup of hot chocolate would be just the thing to warm me up. We went to Artisan du Chocolat’s stall and got a cup of their hot chocolate with marshmallows. After the first sip, I knew I had found hot chocolate heaven. It was warm and creamy and sweet - without being overpowering. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

If you’re a cheese fan, this place will not disappoint. There are hundreds of stalls selling all types of different cheese. But, the best part is, they all offer samples. I think I tried a hundred different cheeses, but my ABSOLUTE favorite was a mozzarella marinated in olive oil, garlic and spices. If you visit, you MUST check these guys out. Grab a baguette and prepare to enter cheese heaven.

In general, I’m a believer that if you get an opportunity to drink mulled wine - you should take it. It’s no different at Borough Market. It was so fun to walk around trying samples at the endless number of stalls while sipping a warm glass of mulled wine.

If you’re a truffle fan, you’re in luck. There are dozens of truffle options at Borough Market. I sampled truffle everything: from cheese to oil to chocolate. I ended up buying a bottle of truffle olive oil from the Taste Croatia booth and am so excited to put truffle in everything when I get back home.

I love oysters and there are no shortage of them at Borough Market. We visited a handful of stalls that had all different types of oysters and had a blast trying them all!

Have you been to Borough Market? Let me know your favorite finds in the comments!